The European Union Ambassador to Albania, Luigi Soreca reminds the Albanian government that the “Yes” on Germany’s conditions is only meant to be a positive step forward since before the opening of EU negotiations can take place, Albania must fulfill these conditions.

Until the EU intergovernmental conference takes place, Electoral Reform must be approved and the Constitutional Court and Supreme Courts must be functional.

“What is important in the German Bundestag resolution is that the federal government has been given the mandate to say ‘Yes’ to open up negotiations. This means that if this position is shared by all the other member states, the Council in October will take this important decision and will take it once and for all.

“If this decision is made, it is the decision of the Council of the European Union, then, there will be an inter-governmental conference where the European Union and Albania will sit together for the formal opening of negotiations.

“What has been requested by the Bundestag, and we will see if this is confirmed by the Council, is that in the time between the decision of the Council to open negotiations and the first conference, it can take between three to six months and it is imperative that the two conditions are met.

But to meet the conditions for the first phase, according to the head of the EU delegation, the unification of all forces is required; left and right, inside and outside parliament.

“The government, parliament, the President, non-parliamentary opposition, civil society, and the media, if and when the decision is taken by the EU Council in October, must work together in order to push Albania forward. There must be national unity,” said Ambassador Soreca.


Following the decision of the German Bundestag, the positions of France and the Netherlands should also be taken into consideration: Positions which were iterated in June against the opening of negotiations for Albania and North Macedonia. The final decision will take place on October 18th at the EU council meeting.