As the date for the upcoming Albanian Diaspora Summit approaches, the Albanian government has made available 67 million lekë for the organization holding the 2nd Diaspora Summit, to be held on February 28 - March 2 in Tirana and Lezhë.

Through a letter, the State Ministry for Diaspora invited all Albanians outside the borders to become part of this event, which comes within the 575th anniversary of the Assembly of Lezha.

As for the participants, the official website of the Summit has created an online register where anyone can apply.

In the financial report of the Summit, the expenditures are detailed, where in total the whole organization receives the value of 66.972.000 lekë, expenses that will be borne by the reserve fund approved by the 2019 budget.

Expenses on the first day of the summit are expected to reach 10.875 million lekë for the cost of renting the environment.

Prime Minister Edi Rama in the letter and invitation send out to the Diaspora of Albanians has called the second summit of the Diaspora a great event and a guide to approach the challenges of the world.

The first Diaspora Summit was held in November of 2016 with a participation of over 1,000 Albanians from over 40 foreign countries.