Celebrating their 20th anniversary, the Audiovisual Media Authority, organized an international scientific conference, together with the Department of Journalism at Tirana University, during which they discussed the media market, audience behavior and regulatory framework.

The conference was attended by representatives of academic life, as well as representatives of the Albanian Parliament who gave their opinions about the functioning and role of AMA, as well as the media in our country.

AMA chair, Gentian Salaj said that the authority has spent energy on issues of frequency and trial processes and that law and the public have been betrayed in regards to the protection of children.

However, Salaj appreciated the fact that the authority was introduced in a normal way.

Present at the conference was a representative of the Assembly was Vasilika Hysi, who shared some of the challenges audiovisual media faces, before demanding more commitment to protect children's rights.

Representatives of academic life appreciated the support of AMA for research projects in the Journalism Department, adding that it is the only case where a public institution with a modest fund cooperates with the Public University.

/Ora News.tv/