During the hearing for the prosecutor Edison Ademi, which took place on April 5th, the Independent Qualification Commission’s conclusions were that the Saranda Prosecutor not only had concerns relating to wealth declaration, but was also found to be in contact with people who were being investigated for the possession of illegal firearms and drug trafficking.

As a result, Ademi was not reconfirmed for duty.

Today, the Independent Qualification Commission also dismissed the chair of the Serious Crimes Appeal Court, Fehmi Petku.

Petku has been in charge of the Serious Crimes Appeals Court for four years, where he has also been part of the review of several important files.

He was also one of the trio who is reviewing the “Shullazi” file in this court.

Third in the queue to get acquainted with the decision of dismissal was Ferdinand Elezi, with the Durres Appeals Prosecutor advising of the same fate as with the first two.

Prosecutor Elezi came before the Independent Qualification Commission to be subjected to Vetting on the 29th March.

The Commission did not ascertain problems with reputation or professionalism, but asked for clarification about two apartments purchased in Durrës at below the market value by this prosecutor.


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