Albania may be battling an outbreak of seasonal illness as an increasing number of people are falling foul to the Flu. 

The Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the Public Health Institution, Silva Bino, confirming two deadly cases from the AH1N1 flu virus while currently an analysis is being conducted to verify whether a third person has fallen victim.

In a statement to the media, the Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases underlined that the flu situation in Albania is similar to that of other countries in the region except for Greece, which has a higher intensity.

“So far, there are two confirmed cases of the seasonal flu and a third case is being verified,” said Bino.

The 3rd case does not belong to Elbasan but to another municipality that the doctor does not mention.

Bino went on to say: “We have an average intensity this year of the flu. The AH1N1 is not the animal illness relating to pigs. There is nothing unusual about. It is just the seasonal virus that going around.”

The victims of the flu were reportedly unvaccinated and between the ages 40-60 years. They were also affected by other diseases that constituted a risk.

Bino pointed out that there have been cases in children but no reported deaths.

Bino urges everyone to get vaccinated and to take care of themselves, stating:

“I encourage all people to get vaccinated. At the end of November, 50.000 doses have been provided by the Ministry of Health and 50.000 doses have been provided by the World Health Task Force.”