Tirana will begin work on the construction of 17 new schools.

The mayor of the capital, Erion Veliaj, during the inspections of the investments into the Ismail Qemali School, emphasized that educational institutions are offering good conditions and are of the same quality across the board.

As such, he insisted parents to register their children in the nearest school, rather than only seeking out those schools which have a good reputation amongst the community.

According to him, thanks to educational reform, all institutions provide services and conditions of the same quality.

"Today the teacher portal is ensuring the best teachers are filling all new openings. It means that teachers are equally good in all schools. I understand that some people continue with nostalgia and reputation, but we are not in the 70s or 80s anymore.

"Schools that were good at that time, at the time of our grandparents or our parents, are not necessarily the best today.

"So, my advice is this: do not be fed by mania and put your kids into a class alongside 50-60 others. We aim for maximum class sizes today of 32 students.

"Other schools that still have empty seats can accommodate those who are residents of Shkoza or Sauk respectively ", said Veliaj.

Veliaj announced that the construction of 17 new schools in the capital city will commence soon.

"We will start with 17 new schools. Some of them are high schools, which will significantly reduce class loads so that the next year for high schools in Tirana will mark the end of high school teaching across two shifts," said Veliaj.

He announced the new investments during the inspection of Ismail Qemali School.

"I am very happy with the progress we have made for the reconstruction of Ismail Qemali School. The school is named after one of the most important characters in Albanian history, who proclaimed Albania's Independence.

"This is a modest attempt to reclaim independence from the cold, humidity, mess, noise and from a ruined school.

"But this kind of modern-day independence can only be done with work, not words. August has been a month of full force, and the beginning of September will see us in full force too, to make sure we finish prior to the start date for school," said Veliaj.

The Mayor of Tirana emphasized that, thanks to the opening and increasing of capacities in some schools, the number of students in classes will be a maximum of 32.

This will create more opportunities and increased attention during lessons.

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