A number of concerns are arising over the opposition protest, which will begin tomorrow. State Police saying they are conflicted while facing many of the Democratic Party's impossible demands.

The Democratic Party announced the blockade of certain streets and environments, which are of particular importance for the normal functioning of public life in the capital, as well as for the activity of some foreign diplomatic missions.

Ensuring freedom of movement and unhindered access to the premises of diplomatic missions makes it impossible to allow for the opposition protest on "Ismail Qemali" street.

However, the Tirana State Police and local police authorities have provided sufficient facilities such as the "Dëshmorët e Kombit" boulevard, which has been historically been used for such purposes and offers enough space for massive participation.

The State Police have voiced their concern that there may be violence in the protest as a result of the heated political rhetoric and calls for violence, articulated by several politicians and media representatives. 

The State Police has also informed that certain individuals with criminal records or previously convicted of serious criminal offenses, have been prepared to exert violence in the protest on the 16th of February organized by the Democratic Party.

Through the media, the Security Forces, asked by protest organizers themselves, are encouraged to distance themselves from the voices that encourage violence and from those with criminal history.

But for many citizens who are not part of the protest, they have been urged to avoid the protest environments to ensure their safety and security.

/Ora News.tv/