Albanian authorities in cooperation with foreign agencies have hit the Ecuador-Greece-Albania drug trafficking line, by enabling the seizure of 137kg of cocaine.

Two security guards, Adrian Bega and Altin Myslihaka, were detained by the operation which was launched a few days ago and finalized on Friday, while Gentian Malindi was declared wanted.

As part of an anti-drug campaign, the individuals in question purportedly received packages inside containers which were previously banned in Greece. Adrian Bega used an entrance-card to acquire access to the port but not without having his movements, and his associates' movements, all recorded by the ports surveillance system.

“These citizens, working in cooperation with others in the Port of Durrës, obtained access to enter and exit the Port to extract a large quantity of narcotics from the container before sending it to another area which was scouted out by the police during the operation,” said Ardi Veliu.

It was the authorities from a neighboring state alongside the DEA of the United States who alerted the Albanian police, requesting the inspection of the containers that had departed for Durrës.

In order to follow the trail of the narcotics traffickers, Greek police replaced the cocaine with rice which was set up with a GPS device to pin down the location of the suspects who might have taken the narcotics.

The only ones who showed up at the Port of Durrës were the two people already arrested, both working as security personnel at the Port of Durrës.

Taking advantage of this fact, they had easy access to the containers using their entry cards.

After careful inspections at the port, Greek authorities suspected that cocaine had been found on the floors of the containers.

According to testimony, one of the detainees is said to have entered the port on the ‘Ura e Dajlanit’ and was able to obtain several narcotic packages before being driven away in a vehicle with French license plates.

They then continued on their way to the Shkëmbi i Kavajës when they realized that something was wrong. It was Gentian Malindi who realized that there was rice hidden in the cocaine packages and subsequently spotted a vehicle chasing them.

In this case, the suspected traffickers threw drugs out of the vehicle while the only one who succeeded to escape was Malindi.

Meanwhile, on Friday, 35-year-old Altin Mislihaka, one of the detainees who appeared in the Serious Crimes Court, was made aware of his mandatory imprisonment until the end of the investigation.

As for Adrian Bega, the Serious Crime Court is expected to enact a security measure at another time.

Gentian Malindi, who is now declared wanted, has a prior history of arrest after being processed and detained for drugs earlier in June of 2013. In that case, police discovered 500 kilograms of cannabis.

The narcotics reportedly came from Lazarat, as his arrest was made possible through was known as: Operation “Challenge”.