Interior Minister Fatmir Xhafaj has reacted harshly to the violence exercised against police officers during the protest in Kukës.

12 of the police officers have been injured, with one even being sent to the hospital.

The Interior Minister said the attack on the blue uniforms was made by irresponsible people, among which there may have even been individuals with criminal backgrounds.

"No one can even pretend to be able to justify such an attack on State Police employees and the destruction of property. At no time and under no circumstances is this behavior acceptable."

"12 officials were injured by rocks and other heavy objects thrown by these individuals, with one police officer having been seriously injured and now receiving medical help from the hospital," stated Fatmir Xhafaj.

Seeking the distancing of political representatives from violence, Xhafaj also had an appeal to the Kukës Municipality.

"I appeal to local government authorities in Kukës to distance themselves from these violent acts and exercise their influence by cooperating and assisting the state police.

"We must enable normality for the free movement of hundreds of citizens and freight transport today and in the days to come. As Minister of Interior, I declare that the state police will be determined to execute the law," concluded Minister Xhafaj.