The Italian Prime Minister has been engaged in the operation to free 11 year-old Alvin Berisha from the Al-Hawl refugee camp.

His father, Afrim Berisha, in an exclusive discussion with Ora News from Italy, expressed his initially ecstatic emotions as a result of this good news, although he stated that he still finds it hard to believe that he will actually be able to rejoin his son once again.

“Thank you all for taking the time to carry on with this case. Alvin left the camp yesterday at 10 o’clock and is now located in Damascus. He's good. He was afraid when he came out of the camp that he didn’t know the people around.

“I spoke to him and told him not to be afraid of his father’s friends. When he spoke to me, he said “Dad, I’m coming”.

“The Red Cross doctor confirmed his arrival with me when he arrived in Damascus. He traveled 12 or 13 hours by car,” said Alvin's father.

For Alvin's departure from the camp, his father says he was assisted by the Red Cross in Milan and the Albanian authorities.

“I am being informed by the Red Cross, the Albanian Minister of Interior, the Ambassador and the President. Albanian documents are needed, which the Roman Embassy are taking care of.

“These Italians have been there for 15 days dealing with this work,” said Mr Berisha.

It was precisely the father who, through an investigative show, discovered where his son was. Five years ago, little Alvin was abducted by his mother who joined ISIS fighters and was subsequently killed, leaving Alvin alone.

“I have been searching for him for 5 years. By paying money, I found out where he was, but I was unable to get him from camp because they in Syria did not allow it. He went to camp after he was wounded. I’ve been there two times myself,” said Alvini’s father.

Even the Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama announced Alvin's rescue, posting a photo of the 11-year-old was with the Albanian Interior Minister, Sandër Lleshaj.