Along the coast of Shëngjin and Velipoja, 10,500 square meters of illegally occupied beach areas have been released, while 9 individuals have been put under investigation, including directors in the Municipality of Lezha.

In the Kune area of Shëngjin, 8 thousand square meters of beach have been released while in Velipoja 2,500 square meters are now available to beach goers.

A total of 5 individuals were prosecuted, including two directors: the director of taxation and the director of territorial planning.

The proceedings for 5 owners of illegal entities were conducted for penal offenses such as “Concealment of income and non-payment of taxes”, while for municipal officials the offense is described as an “Abuse of duty”.

Specifically, the director of territorial planning is accused of issuing construction permits in a protected area in violation of the law.

Even the Prime Minister, Edi Rama, reacted to these actions, calling the beaches of Shëngjin and Velipoja as two of the largest jungles created by the previous government and the chronic incompetence of right-wing municipalities.

He said: “Their release from these occupiers continues daily, but their end will come with the New Coastline Law and the iron hand that comes with it. The state will be able to decide starting next year and we will finally be able to return the beach to the people.”

During the operation “Release Public Spaces”, police have seized 500 umbrellas, and over just over 25,000 square meters of beach area has been released thus far.