Tirana Municipality has now completed an investment, which was promised back in 2013, for residents of the Ish-Kombinat "Josip Pasko" area in Tirana who now finally have a new road. 

Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, said that after this investment, this area is expected to benefit from another major investment, tbis time from the state government, for the new train station of the capital. 

"In the Municipality of Tirana we have a principle: every day a concrete job! Concrete work on this hot August day is this 'by-pass' that connects some informal areas, known as the 'shinat e Trenit'.

"As you can see, the train tracks are here and we expect the next government investment to bring the train to the New Boulevard, but as we wait for the train, we should not miss the train of investment in Tirana. 

"That is why we have moved to the periphery," said Erion Veliaj. 

Currently, the Municipality of Tirana has about 100 open sites where work is being done to improve not only the road infrastructure but also the educational and social institutions of the city. 

"Today, in Tirana, we have about 100 open sites. 

"Our commitment is that, by the time people return from vacation, we will ha e finished most of these sites, especially those that deal with the main axes of roads, rings and other roads or educational institutions, schools and kindergartens. 

"So, you will see us on the ground all through August. 

"The government comes with legalization; meanwhile the municipality comes with infrastructure where not streets, asphalt and sidewalks only are discussed, but fiber optic internet, IPTV and more" said Erion Veliaj. 

Veliaj added that, thanks to the sacrifice of 1600 employees every day on the ground, citizens will find a better Tirana when they return from vacation. 

Intervention at the segment between the intersection of Ish-Kombinat "Josif Pashko" and the former "Uzina Dinamo" consisted of the realization of the new water supply and sewerage network, the installation of the lighting system, sidewalks, greenery and the complete placement of both horizontal and vertical signaling.

/Ora News.tv/