The Democratic Party does not intend to be stopped by the allegations of Taulant Balla's involvement in the Fush-Kruja case, although it is already in the hands of justice.

In a statement to the media, the Democratic Party MP Gent Strazimiri said the government invented 4 alibis to defend Taulant Balla.

"In the presence of Taulant Balla, Artur Bushi and Rrahman Rraja, former officer Emiliano Nuhu testified that he was threatened with a pistol held to his head within the Police Station of Fushë Kruja. 

"It is accused that this threat was made with the aim of preventing the son of one of Edi Rama's MPs from facing justice. 

"To defend the political members of the Fushë Kruja gang, Edi Rama publicly cheated when he stated that the scandal was first published by Taulant Balla himself," said Gent Strazimiri. 

This reaction by the Socialist Party's number 2, Taulant Balla, on the social network Facebook came immediately after Strazimiri's statement.

"Jozefina Topalli will be remembered for a long for saying such truths as, 'If you ask Luli what time is it, he will lie you.' Even your MPs also know that you are a liar, Lulzim.

"I was not in Fushë Kruja, O Lul! Next week, be ready to come to court as the highest representative and most capable liar, even more so than Nuhu," said Taulant Balla.

Taulant Balla submitted a penal charge for defamation to the Prosecution Office of Tirana, adding to the list of accused the Chair of the DP, Lulzim Basha, deputy chair Edi Paloka, DP MP Enkelejd Alibeaj, journalist Basir Çollaku and former officer Emiljano Nuhu.