This Friday, Democratic Party chair Lulzim Basha and DP MP Ervin Salianji have been called upon over two different issues by the Prosecution.

Basha has been called by the Tirana's prosecution office following a denunciation for abuse of office by former police officer Emiliano Nuhu in the "Xhisiela" case.

Tirana's Prosecution has turned into an institution where the Majority and the Opposition file charges against each other.

The Democratic Party charged Prime Minister Edi Rama after his statement declaring that he will follow former officer Nuhu step by step, while the SP Parliamentary Group Chair Taulant Balla charged DP Chair Lulzim Basha and several other MPs from the DP for defamation.

As a result of a video posted yesterday on Facebook by DP MP Ervin Salianji, which claims to prove that the Chief of Police coerced Fredi Alizoti into confessing, the DP MP has also been called upon by the Prosecution of Serious Crimes. 

Saljanji will also be questioned by the prosecution for the alleged audio tapping of Agron Xhafaj and Albert Veliu.

Today two serious crime police officers have appeared at the offices of the Democratic Party where they sequestered the video material, broadcast to the media by MP Ervin Salianji.

The General Director of Police, Ardi Veliu reacted, denying that he was Alizoti's companion or involved in procedural actions related to the investigation of the so-called "Babale" case.

The General Police Directorate provided a statement today in response to accusations the Veliu asserted pressure on Fredi Alizoti, declaring that it is the responsibility of the Police Director to act in accordance with the orders of the Prosecution and the Court.