Proof of the success of the education reform, according to Prime Minister Edi Rama, is the enrollment of 300 excellent students for the continuation of their studies in teaching! According to the Head of the Government, the state will cover all study costs. 

At the meeting with the teachers, Rama also responded to critics of the initiative for free textbooks, who do not approve of the condition that they are returned undamaged. 

The Prime Minister said that it is not stressful to educate children not to damage the books. 

"Explain why we want them back. It is neither a money issue nor a budget. Today we provide free textbooks for 190,000 1st to 4th grade children, plus all those with special needs. Within this mandate we will give them free of charge from the 1st-9th grade. 

"It's not simply a matter of money. Sweden, one of the mostsocial and wealthy countries, gives books for free and asks for them back at the end of the year," explained Edi Rama.

Rama also introduced the new government project to ban mobile phones amongst both students and teachers. 

"This year will be the year of a new era with the handset in school. We will not allow cell phones at school. They will be allowed neither for children nor for teachers. 

"They will be collected at the beginning of the lesson and received back at the end of the lesson. The first month we will offer a grace period to allow for education of the new rule. 

"In the second month, mobiles that are snuck into classrooms will be thrown into trash and not returned, as they pose a pollution risk to the learning environment," expressed Edi Rama. 

Rama also said that, for the preparation of children with special needs, there will be 700 extra teachers to assist on the ground.