The government has a 10 day time limit to solving the problems created in universities; otherwise Academics will launch a strike, refusing to teach and therefore blocking the education process.

The threat from the professors is not just related to the delays of wages, though this is considered to be both a moral and financial denigration, but also to the gaps created by the higher education reform.

At a forum for Academic Freedom, professors of the University of Tirana asked to immediately launch negotiations with the government in order to find solutions to the numerous problems.

The Professors also demand a complete rehaul for the Board of Administration, encompassing the Chair and all members, accusing them of being the ones who have caused such problems.

"To change the law, the board members of the administration must be dismissed," said Professor Mark Marku.

According to Professor Agron Gjekmarkaj, such a situation has never been seen before at Universities.

"The board members caused these anomalies," said Gjekmarkaj.

Former Dean of the Law Faculty, Altin Shegani, says that the reform of higher education should be reviewed , because of the problems it has caused.

"The law on higher education needs to be changed," said Altin Shegani.

The Education Ministry confirmed the transfer of salaries to the professors' bank accounts today, while encouragin the debate to continue as a way of enhancing quality, performance, youth employment and the accreditation of study programs.

However, putting another kink in the chain of improvement for higher education institutions is the lack of sub-legal acts.

Academics will be represented by a total of 10 people in discussions, with Minister Nikolla preceding the debate by saying that sub-legal acts will be adopted soon.