A special scheme has been announced to assist anyone who currently has unpaid bills and interest relating to water usage and supply. Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Damian Gjiknuri has announced that the same formula will be applied as previously with energy bills, whereby citizens signed a repatymant arrangement to meet their obligations through installments. 

Meanwhile, customers who fully implement the agreements, will benefit after the first year in the form of an interest waver on any arrears amounts, a symbolic gesture of gratitude for citizens who aim to do the righ thing. Gjiknuri made an announcement of the scheme from Përmet, where he attended the inauguration of a new water supply. 

"Mitigation schemes, just as we saw with OSHEE, will allow old debts to be repaid over the years, giving citizens an opportunity to avoid be burdened by immediate repayment of water bills that have accumulated over many years." said the Minister. 

Gjiknuri encouraged all residents to disconnect illegal water connections and cooperate with local water authorities to arrange legal contracts, therefore avoiding any repercussions for illegal activity. 

"I encourage all citizens to ensure that, by the end of January, they have voluntarily organised connection legally with the water supply network wherever they are, because the government, in February will initiate control measures alongside local authorities. "I call on all municipalities to become part of this important reform." said Damian Gjiknuri. 

During this inspection, The Minister was accompanied by the MP of the area, Mirela Kumbaro and Mayor Niko Shupuli. The project will last 30 months and has a cost of approximately 5 million US dollars to the state budget.

/Ora News.tv/