Good water management has brought together the Minister for Infrastructure and Energy, Damian Gjiknuri and Kosovo’s Economic Development Minister, Valdrin Lluka. 

Through a joint agreement they have decided to exchange experiences to cope with problems and increase efficiency. 

For this purpose, Ministers Gjiknuri and Lluka signed an agreement expressing their commitment to share experience with the goal better human resource management. 

“In order to manage water properly, we need to have professional people who know how to do this and understand why it is so important. We, in Albania, have started an important reform in terms of managing drinking water.

“The first results were good. The collection of payments increased by 17 million Euros when compared to the same period of last year,” explained Gjiknuri. 

Meanwhile, Kosovo’s Valdrin Lluka emphasized that sharing experiences will have a positive effect on the management of the water supply and sewerage sector. 

Also present at this exhibition, the Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, promised solutions to the drinking water problems in the area of the New Ring. 

“We have started two important interventions for our city. The first is to double the capacity in the Bovilla area, where we have already added a filtering process.

“We will install a direct line to some of the areas with a lot of new inhabitants of Tirana, starting from the "Shqiponja" Square and reaching to the Flour Factory, also known as the area of the New Ring. 

“This is an area that officially has 7,000 inhabitants, but in reality there are more like 70,000,” added Erion Veliaj. 

2018 has seen the installation of seventy-four thousand new water meters across the country, as well as thirty-seven thousand new contracts signed for the purpose of water supply.