Stop the departure of young people seeking new lives within European Union countries by offering employment. 

This was the message of the European Union ambassador, Romana Vlahutin in Kukes, one of the municipalities most affected by the phenomenon of asylum seekers. 

Reiterating the stance that Albanians do not have any chance to benefit asylum, Mrs. Vlahutin said that the solution is to create opportunities here.

"We discussed that we can do more for employment, since Kukes is one of the municipalities that are losing more young people. 

"Many of them are looking for what is impossible, asylum in EU countries. But this is not the way. What needs to be done is to create opportunities here," said Romana Vlahutin.

Present in Kukes for inspecting some investments with EU funds, Mrs. Vlahutin stressed that all interventions to be made in the future, must be well-planned.

"We talked about the airport of Kukes. We are awaiting the feasibility study and will discuss what more can be done in the future," said Romana Vlahutin.

Asked about permits for the construction of several hydropower plants in Shishtavec, the EU ambassador said she would receivemore information, but stressed that building infrastructure and preserving the environment is a great challenge. 

Kukes is one of the municipalities that has benefited the most from projects from the EU, among which are the Shishtavec road and Morini customs.