Tirana's Mayor, Erion Veliaj, and Finance and Economy Minister, Arben Ahmetaj, talked with the residents of Bërzhita to hear their concerns and present them with the planned projects.

Veliaj stressed, that during this time, the attention has been focused on rural areas, while praising the administrative-territorial reform of the government which, according to him, has increased the investment opportunities in the villages. 

"The prime minister's idea of territorial reform to expand Tirana was one of the best ideas because for a school to be established in the village of Mihajas with taxes of 400 residents it would take 82 years. 

"The reform allowed the municipality to gather taxes in urban areas and invest in rural areas. It allowe us to do some things that would not have otherwise been done for 80 years," said Erion Veliaj. 

Following the conclusion of strategic projects for the city as Skanderbeg Square, The New Boulevard and the New Bazaar, Veliaj said it was now the turn of rural areas to see more investment. 

"In these three years we have done great work that had not been done for years. The square had remained, "Pazari i Ri" had stagnated, the boulevard had stagnated and many schools were in worrying states of disrepair across Tirana. 

"We have found Tirana with schools at dohble their capacity resulting in lessons being given across two shifts and we have saved a large number of schools this. 

"So, for all these reasons, I say that we are in a situation when it is time for the villages to also see such benefits," said Erion Veliaj.

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