After the Vetting in justice, another institution is being prepared to scan its employees.

A few days ago, the Interior Ministry submitted to the Law Commission the draft law for the "Transitional assessment of State Police, Republic Guard and the SHÇBA".

This draft law has been drafted in consultation with other diplomatic headquarters in Tirana, during a roundtable meeting organized by the Ministry of Interior.

Interior Minister, Fatmir Xhafaj, stated that the legal initiative aims to build strong institutions with professionals and employees of integrity.

"This is a difficult reform, but a reform that is necessary under the current conditions.

"We ascertain that, in the ranks of the State Police, there are those who have problems with integrity and professionalism.

"This undoubtedly has direct consequences on the efficiency and quality of the work by State Police." said Fatmir Xhafaj.

Ambassadors expressed their support and appreciation for the proposal and confidence over the quick results it will achieve.

Minister Xhafaj said that the law has been drafted according to the best standards, based on the experience of the Vetting law within the justice system.

According to him, the roundtable with partners is an important step for a collaborative process.

Xhafaj went on to call for involvement in the monitoring of the processes of implementation.