The Independent Qualification Commission conducted a file selection process today for 11 prosecutors of the General Prosecutor's Office who are undergo the Vetting process.

The Prosecutors, who currently going the 'filter' process, each had 5 files selected at random to be passed on to the experts at the Independent Qualification Commission.

The selection of files has started in the early hours of the day, and present for the oversight of this process was the Head of the IQC, Genta Bungo.

To help the commission, The General Prosecutor's Office has set up 5 working groups with 2 prosecutors each, who have been tasked with compiling the reports on each file.

This is the second phase of file controls, with the first stage focusing on senior directors of justice institutions and candidates for the High Council of Prosecution and the High Judicial Council.

The result for the first stage of the vetting process is expected to be made public at the end of January, in a special session which will be held by the Independent Qualification Commission.