Another prosecutor has left the ranks of justice. A prosecutor in the Appeals Division of Tirana, Luan Kaloçi, has been dismissed today by the Independent Qualification Commission, after failing to pass vetting.

The prosecutor was not present at the hearing and was instead represented by his lawyer Ardian Visha. According to the IQC, Kaloçi has not managed to justify his wealth regarding sale contracts for apartments in Tirana and Elbasan.

During the hearing, the relator Xhensila Pine said there was insufficient evidence surrounding a 145 square meter apartment which Kaloçi claimed to have bought for 52 thousand dollars after selling a house in Elbasan in 1999 for 4 million, 800 thousand lekë.

As for the funding for the purchase of a shop sized 132 square meters, the prosecutor under investigation said he had had earned a considerable sum of money through gambling on sport. 

In addition, the Independent Qualification Commission proclaimed that Kaloçi did not declare a sum of $5,000, nor €20,000 in a bank account belonging to his wife.

Another concern raised at the hearing regarded a loan the prosecutor received for his daughter to study in Italy while she was 15 years old.

However on a more positive note, the IQC has also reconfirmed a judge from Tirana's court, Alma Brati, in her role. She is also one of the candidates for the High Council of the Prosecution Office.