The Independent Qualification Commission is currently reviewing the investigative folder for prosecutor Gentian Trenova. 

The trial panel consists of Lulzim Hamitaj, Brunilda Bekteshi and Olsi Komici. 

Present at the hearing, Gentian Trenova was also accompanied by his lawyer Saimir Lami. 

Relator Brunilda Bekteshi stated that Prosecutor Trenova has been subjected to the priority process as a member of the Justice Appointment Council.

Regarding to his wealth, the IQC has ascertained that he has not declared all sources of his wealth in his documentation, instead hiding some assets and making a false declaration. 

"The High Inspectorate of Declaration, Audit of Assets and Conflict of Interest has concluded that Trenova has submitted false statements and has not declared all sources of wealth in his documentation. 

"The Independent Qualification Commission has conducted an in-depth verification. From the investigation it has been determined that the subject owns an apartment on "Ferit Xhajko" Street. 

"Furthermore, there has been an attempt to hide the ownership through the action of passing said ownership on his behalf to his parents-in-law," said Brunilda Bekteshi. 

"Gentian Trenova also has two vehicles, a 'Volkswagen' and a 'Mercedes Benz'. 

"Prosecutor Trenova has also received gifts from relatives and loans from his sister and mother. Gentian Trenova has made a false statement in that he has not declared savings and assets to the value of at least 12,000 euro," said Brunilda Bekteshi. 

Bekteshi said Trenova has taken fraudulent action in the real estate office by adding a floor to his apartment, but then donating it to his mother-in-law. 

Meanwhile, the verification of Trenova's reputation did not uncover any concerns. 

After reviewing all wealth documents and also taking into consideration the purity of the subject's image, the trial panel will reconvene in order to decide as to whether the Appellate Prosecutor of Tirana will continue in his duty or not. 

The decision by the Independent Qualification Commission for Gentian Trenova will be made in a hearing to be held on June 20th.

Trenova is one of the members of the Justice Appointment Council as a representative of the Prosecutor's Office and is the second from the JAC to be subjected to the vetting process after Altina Xhoxhaj, who did not pass successfully.