During the presentation of the 2019 budget, Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, put emphasis on investments in peripheral areas of the capital.

During the meeting with the residents of the Kashar area he said that the municipal council needs a strong majority to allow voting on projects.

“In order to make decisions faster and have the opportunity to invest at a higher pace, we need to have votes for the SP in the City Council. One of the reasons why today we have an efficient government is because Edi Rama has 74 mandates.

“An absolute majority will allow us to get work done, because the only will we know is that of the citizens who have given us their vote. That is why we need such a majority in the City Council,” said Erion Veliaj.

For this he has asked residents to continue with their declarations of residence, because their vote can affect the absorption of investments.

“We have to reflect on the fact that, in Kashar, there are not 8,000, but 70-80 thousand people. So I would appreciate your help here. I thank the government that lifted the last barrier, the fine, and now nothing else hinders registration.

“It helps us not only for the municipal budget; it also helps us when we seek government subsidies,” said Erion Veliaj.

Talking about the area, he added that the road that will connect Kashar with the new ring of Tirana will soon be completed.

“We are in the first stage and I'm glad we walked through the boulevard "Migjeni" in Yzberisht, despite the rains we had in the summer.

“Many people have seen the boulevard of Tirana; it seems miraculous, but meanwhile without the same level of attention we have also improved the Boulevard of Kashar.

“On the one hand there are the constructions; on the other hand there is the green space to make a park there. I am very happy that there, now, with the end of the first phase of work, the value of all the houses has increased,” said Erion Veliaj.

Veliaj added that a solution has also been provided to one of the longest standing problems in the Kashar area, being the supply of potable water.

/Ora News.tv/