Triathlon merges swimming, cycling and running into a single race and for the first time ever, one will be held in Albania, with the chosen destination being Farka Lake.

Hundreds of athletes, be they professionals or not, will compete tomorrow along a route well-defined by the Municipality of Tirana, meanwhile promoting the tourist values of the Farka Lake area.

For the Mayor of Tirana Veliaj, the triathlon is a good opportunity to promote various sports, as well as tourist attractions across the capital.

"After organizing the Marathon of Tirana for two consecutive years and the concerts of Rita Ora and Ermal Meta, there is no doubt as to what these activities bring to our city.

"They bring tourism and promotion, they raise the name of the city, mark us on important tourist maps and as a result we see ourselves mention in publications such as The Lonely Planet.

"All of these are related and are part of a great strategy. The more activities that take place in Tirana, the more Tirana is mentioned as a tourist destination for the Balkans," explained Erion Veliaj.

The Mayor also stressed that sports activities give a boost to economic growth by bringing a large number of visitors.

"We need to periodically conduct massive sports activities. Last year in Tirana, only from the Marathon we had 3 thousand hotel beds booked.

"Take into account the 3 meals that each person consumes each day, that's an additional 9,000 meals being served. There is an economic chain that develops from these activities," added Erion Veliaj.

For the well-being of the race, the Municipality of Tirana, in cooperation with the Municipal Police and the State Police, have taken measures for the diversion of vehicles on June 10 from 08:30 to 13:00 in some segments of the capital city.