Spanish tourists who were heading to Theth were rendered stuck in the middle of the road.

They have launched an appeal for authorities to effectively clear out and clean the streets otherwise it would be impossible for tourists to come and see miracles.

“Here in this area, it is important for the government to open up the roads so tourists can see this miracle. If appropriate action is not taken, it will be impossible to talk about tourism here,” said one tourist.

Meanwhile the woman says that in such cases, the Army comes out to clear the road and would never leave the road in such poor condition.

The Dukagjini Street has been blocked for more than 3 weeks, where the segment from Qafa e Thores towards Thethi is considered dangerous and could risk the lives of drivers along this segment.

No measures have been taken so far for clearing the road of snow, and still residents of Kelmendi in Malësi e Madhe are facing a very difficult situation.