Following Valdrin Pjetri and Agim Kajmaku, the Democratic Party also wants the Prosecution to verify the information listed on the decriminalization forms of the Socialist Mayor for Vau i Dejës, Mark Babani.

In the letter signed by Secretary General Gazmend Bardhi, it is said that Babani has hidden immigration bans, convictions and deportations from both Italy and North Macedonia.

“He is suspected of having been detained in Italy during the years 1994 to 1999 and subsequently sentenced and deported by the responsible Italian authorities.

“On the other hand, previously released data shows that he was arrested, detained and subsequently convicted in the Republic of North Macedonia during the period 2002-2003.

The Democratic Party has proposed to the Prosecution that the mayor of Vau i Dejës, Mark Babani has had three identities: Mark Ndoc Babani, Mark Saimir Babaj and Ylli Saimir Babaj.

However, Mayor Babani himself denies these claims by the Democratic Party.

Speaking to RTV Ora, no had this to say:

“I have not been convicted. I have not received any fines throughout 25 years of traveling Europe. I have tried all my life to be a model person and a model Albanian.

“I am not aware of the claims that have been made by the Democratic Party, but I am ready to clarify everything. My name is Mark Babani born on December 24, 1966. Our family’s surname is Babaj, but at school all my cousins and people around me referred to it as Babani.”

“I have fought all my life to be an Albanian model.

“All my life, my father and my grandfather have not spent 24 hours in prison with all the governments that have been here, neither with the Communist government or in democracy today.”

In the request for verifying Mark Babani by the Prosecution, accompanied with the signatures of 500 citizens, the Democratic Party says it expects a quick reaction.

Meanwhile, an investigation is underway for the mayor of Vora and Valdrin Pjetri, who recently resigned as mayor of Shkodra.