The opposition boycotted the parliamentary session of the Assembly in protest claiming that, at the last session, the ruling majority manipulated the vote on the new theater law.

The Chairs of the DP and SMI Parliamentary groups, Edmond Spaho and Petrit Vasili, attended the Assembly for a few minutes to make public the opposition's position before exiting the assembly hall. 

In these circumstances, Parliamentary Speaker, Gramoz Ruçi, ordered that the Secretariat for Procedures and Voting be convened for this issue.

Involved as members of the Secretariat, Socialist MPs Adnor Shahmeti, Alket Hyseni and Democrat MP Enkelejd Alibeaj met for more than one hour, however at the conclusion of the meeting nothing had changed. 

The Socialist MPs referred to the video footage recorded from the Assembly which depicts two SMI MPs switching one MPs ballot with another who was not present. 

This claim was subsequently backed by the Chair of the Socialist Parliamentary Group Taulant Balla, where he did not spare allegations.

In the absence of participation in the Assembly, the Chair of the Democratic Party's Parliamentary Group, Edmond Spaho, reacted on Facebook to Taulant Balla's allegations, saying the Secretariat for Procedures and Voting decided in the prime minister's interests by defending corruptive affairs.