The Democratic Party has warned they will escalate protest actions in support of residents affected by the New Ring project.

From Lapraka, where today the first dwelling was destroyed without the residents' accord, Democratic Party MP Klevis Balliu said that we should follow the example made by the European citizens of France.

“This is what it means to win for Edi Rama to demolish a citizen's home!

“The residents have tried to talk with the State Police and to discuss with the Municipality directors.

“These citizens have respected the State Police,” said Klevis Balliu.

“I ask the citizens to follow the example of France and to put the state in their place as it is needed. We will follow the example set by our fellow European citizens.

“These people in power deserve revolt and protest against them," concluded Balliu.

The resident, whose apartment was destroyed today in Lapraka, declared to have asked the Police and the Municipality for three days to remove their household furniture.

“I asked for three more days just to remove things and to carry out legal proceedings, but I was not allowed this.

“I do not understand why the State acts against us so violently. It is psychological violence. I don’t understand. I asked for just three days time.

The demolition of the dwellings affected by the New Ring Road project extends to the destruction of a 2 storey object.

As the bulldozer was about to demolish the object, it was noted that 5 residenta remained inside and refused to leave.

For them the dwelling is the result of a lifetime of blood, sweat and tears and they are not ready to be separated from it. 

Bajram Nela, a resident of Laprakë speaks for Ora News.

“We will resist until the end, we will not leave the house. Erion Veliaj cannot pull the will over my eyes with a simple "candy”.

“I have been working for this house for 30 years. The dwelling was in the process of legalization, but then was disqualified.

“We have appealed because the decision of disqualification is not justified and we expect Justice,” called Bajram Nela.

“When the court says that the New Ring project is legal and makes a decision on my dwelling, then I will allow that decision to be enforced.

“I know the law and I want the state to apply the law. Police have come here without the required documents,” concluded Nela.