In an exclusive statement to Ora News, students who isolated themselves inside the Faculty of Law said it was their last resort after participating in major protests at the Ministry of Education and the Prime Ministry.

The students who have isolated themselves within the Faculty of Law are among those in the Bachelor and Master Degree programs and they have appealed to Police not intervene in their boycott, as they have only blocked the areas where student instruction is held and not the university administration.

“We have received an announcement that there will be an intervention by Police forces. We have only blocked the premises where we are taught and not the premises for administration officials. We request that the Police forces not disturb us in our boycott,” said one student.

"After all these major protests, this was one of our last alternatives in order to make our voices heard."

“We do not have students looking to attend lessons. Most of them have decided to join the boycott. Several students decided to stay inside, while others will support the boycott from the outside. We have requested that study fees for each cycle be cut in half,” said another student.

“We have nothing against our professors or the school director. Our issues stem from the government. Police forces should stay away from this protest,”

One of the students of the Faculty of Law said that the protest will continue for 24 hours with different shifts and it is up to students to decide how long they will stay.

“Yesterday, a meeting was held by the entire Faculty of Law on two issues: The first pertaining to the official boycott and the second pertaining to the postponement of the academic season. Agreements were made on both these issues.

“Regarding our boycott of isolating ourselves within the faculty, we have decided together that we will remain inside the Faculty until all of our requests are met,” exclaimed a student.

When asked if the students were considering a hunger strike, he had the following answer:

“The hunger strike will be considered our last option, but it’s an option that has its own consequences. If our demands are not met, we can go that route because for a cause like this, we would do it!