OSCE Ambassador Bernd Borchardt stated that he supports the protest of Albanian students for better education as long as it is peaceful.

But from Shkodra, the diplomat who pronounced his opinon on this issue emphasized the message of Internationals for a dialogue between the two parties.

“Student requirements focus on changing the education system which is not in the OSCE mandate.

“We support the right to peaceful protests but just like the entire international community, we have asked for a dialogue,” said Bernd Borchardt.

Attending an activity for environmental crime, Ambassador Borchardt chose to indirectly comment on the Reform of Justice, as the judicial, according to him, has a particular focus on fighting the phenomenon.

“The treatment of environmental crime has many facades.

“First is the legislation. The Albanian legislation is good.

“Then it comes down to the judiciary, which is in the process, and is functioning well with Reform in justice.

“But there is also needed awareness and we are trying to do that,” concluded Borchardt.

The exhibition has traveled earlier in Tirana and Korça and will be extended to other cities around the country.

/Ora News.tv/