It dates back to antiquity, but the citizens of Elbasan have remained careful to convey the traditional celebration of the Summer Day passed down from generation to generation. 

The celebrations started early in the morning with citizens enjoying the warm sun and various activities available. 

In opening the celebrations, children sent sensitizing messages about violence, corruption and environmental protection. Thousands of citizens joined the activities, but those most enthusiastic were, of course, the little ones.

The elderly say that the tradition of summer day has undergone changes. For them, the traditional dessert is 'revania' and not 'ballokume'.

Summer Day has also captured the hearts of the foreigners visiting Albania, with Elbasan even receiving visitors from as far away as Australia for this special day. 

For many families in Elbasan, the summer day is seen as an opportunity to earn more revenue by selling ballokume, although this year, they say, their hard work was not rewarded with high sales.

Unfortunately, rainfall in the middle of the day, around noon, caused citizens to return to their houses to consume the traditional summer day feast indoors.