Today again saw University students come out in protest, seeking to accomplish their demands.

However, since yesterday, the protest has spread frim the University of Tirana to encompass the country, including university boycotts and student protests in Durrës, Korça and Elbasan.

The student activist group ‘Movement For Universities’, who helped to organize the protest, said that students from the faculties of Law, Medicine, Commerce, History, Foreign Languages and Science have all boycotted lessons and joined the protest.

“The boycott will continue until we get a resolution,” said one of the students attending the protest.

With the calls “Reduce fees”, the students of the University of Tirana again marched towards the Ministry of Education.

The students occupied the streets of the capital to display their opposition to rising tariffs for university students.

Many students who were protesting before the Ministry of Education refused to politicize their protest.

When approached by representatives of political parties, the students expressed their refusal to accept them as part of the protest action.