The government adopted the draft law on Vetting in the police and consequently 13,000 blue uniforms will be now subject to this process.  

The news was given by Deputy Interior Minister, Julian Hodaj, who said in a press release , it is not the next "broom", but new positive energy that will be released. 

"A mixed model has been selected where high ranks are evaluated by independent commissions with recruited staff from abroad.  "At other levels the committees will be further integrated with employees who have already passed the assessment successfully," outlined Hodaj. 

Hodaj went on to give detail as to the scale of this project to verify and vet the entire police force.   

"The process will encompass the verification of about 13,000 employees," he declared. 

This draft was constructed following consultations with the International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program and Mission for Police Assistance for the European Community of Albania, two foreign missions assisting the State Police.