Special Prosecution or SPAK as it is called, which will deal with the investigation of senior officials, will be comprised of 15 prosecutors.

The decision was made today at the first meeting of the High Council of Prosecution and opens up the competition for SPAK candidates.

The meeting was headed by the chair of the High Council of Prosecution, Gent Ibrahimi, where members held a discussion on applicants having one month to submit their forms to the institution.

All participants in this competition must have a 10 year career and have had no kind of disciplinary history.

Also, as part of the race, it may include Prosecutors who did not pass Vetting. In this case, after the candidacy, they will undergo an accelerated Vetting process.

In today's meeting, the High Council of Prosecution appointed 6 magistrates who have all completed their Magistrates School and have been waiting to exercise their duties for several months.

The Council called on these magistrates to voluntarily work for the High Council of Prosecution until they receive the nomination.

The criteria provided within the law states that a Prosecutor of SPAK should have 10 years of on-the-job experience and shall not be assigned to duty without meeting the prerequisites of security and professional skill requirements.

The High Council of Prosecution, prior to making appointments, administrates over reviews and performs the evaluation of documentation among each candidate submitted by the “Special Verification Commission of Property and Financial Inquiries of Candidates.”

A candidate who receives a negative assessment from Special Verification Commission of Property and Financial Inquires of Candidates cannot be appointed as a Prosecutor to the Special Prosecution.

The decision of the High Council of the Prosecutor's Office is decisive. Prosecutors are appointed to duty by the High Council of Prosecution if they have a nine-year mandate.

The mandate is suspended or terminated only if the High Inspectorate of Justice requires disciplinary proceedings against the Prosecutor.

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