National hero Gjergj Kastrioti Skanderbeg has joined the Calabrian Arbëresh living in Italy. Albanian President Ilir Meta and Italian counterpart Sergio Mattarella were received by hundreds of Arbëresh in the municipality of St. Demetrio in the region of Calabria.

Together they took part in the commemoration ceremony of the 550th anniversary of the death of our national hero, Gjergj Kastrioti Skanderbeg.

The ceremony was held at the famous Arbëresh-Saint-Adriano College, where they studied the highest figures of Albanian-Arbëresh literature and patriotism.

“Our people do not merge alone with the sea, but our earliest and modern history, the most vivid testimony and the best model of this everlasting coexistence are the Arbëresh,” said Ilir Meta.

Among the Italian flags, Mattarella addressed the arbëresh in Italy in the Albanian language and expressed support for the neighboring state in the integration process.

“Skanderbeg is the Albanian Garibaldi and a proud figure for the nation. I am convinced that Albania will be part of the EU in the future and can assure you that you have the support of Italy,” said Sergio Mattarella.

The Italian media has also paid a lot of attention to this meeting between the two presidents.