Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj has inspected the reconstruction work for the cemetery of Sharra.  Depicting the muddy and dusty area that has now been transformed into a more dignified environment, Veliaj underlined that the promise made has now already been fulfilled. 

"We promised that we would rehabilitate the cemetery of Tufina in the first half of our mandate and, in the second half, that of Sharra. "I'm glad that we have completed these two very dignified projects for our city before the close of our third year.  "Sometimes in politics, and even in the public scene, we give attention and importance to those who make the most noise, shout too much.  "We forget that, in fact, the duty of our city is to take care not only for the living, but also for those who have contributed a lot and deserve the same service and respect," said the Mayor in his speech He added that the project involved a full intervention of the area.

 "We arranged a parking lot, the cemetery of plaques and we are trying to make this environment more dignified.  "Perhaps, we relieve the pain of coming to such a place by making it one of peace, rest, and meditation, rather than in a place occupied and abused in every corner of it.  The way Sharra cemetery will work is in the form of a ring: we enter from the main road in Sharra, then we go to "Lekë Zaharia" street, which has also been rehabilitated.  "In addition, the residents in this are can now enjoy more civilization, more urbanization," declared Veliaj. 

The Mayor emphasized that, as part of the cemetery rehabilitation project, all illegal constructions were also removed.  He added that the municipality will also intervene in the cemeteries of other villages.