In preparation for the upcoming Opposition protest to be held on March 16, the scaffold at the entrance of the Prime Ministry has begun to be reinforced as of this morning. Unlike other protests, the additional security measure of creating an expanded perimeter of the building using barbed wire has also been actioned.

In addition to these measures, the State Police have also installed 4 security cameras in front of the Prime Ministry, which will serve to identify unruly protesters as they can be controlled to zoom in on individual faces.

Rotating cameras that film 360 degrees are set at four different angles, two on the wing of the Prime Ministry and two on the wing of the Assembly hall.

The determination of observation points has been made to allow for broader coverage of the protest and, in cases of violence, the recordings will serve as video evidence to be used at trial.

The State Police has already invested in installing cameras in front of parliament for the March 5th protest, however the images created by them were not enough to detain the 8 citizens accused in prison, according to the courts.

The Opposition protest has been announced to take place this Saturday at 11am. Whilst the exact number of Police effectives to be deployed for this protest is unknown, estimates based on previous rallies suggest there will be around 1000 to 1500 police officers tasked with keeping peace and order this weekend.