A few weeks ago a meeting was held between three Environmental Ministers from Albania, Croatian and Montenegro in Dubrovnik which now sees the first step to avoid the pollution of the Adriatic Sea being realized. 

Minister of Tourism and Environment, Blendi Klosi participated in the signing of the collaborative agreement along with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs of Croatia, Maria Pejcinovic Buric and the UN Coordinator in Albania, Mr. Brian Williams.

The agreement provides for the management of marine and coastal pollution to enhance maritime and port security. 

Minister Klosi praised the support given by the Croatian government and the United Nations organization.

"We hope that this is just the first of many phases to better manage the flow of river water into the sea through a cleaning process. 

"We are pleased at the opportunity to be part of our "Clean and Green 2020" process, since it is very necessary to have a much cleaner environment, especially for the opening of the tourist season this year," stated Blendi Klosi.

United Nations Development Programme Coordinator in Tirana, Brian Williams praised the agreement as a perfect example of co-operation between the two countries lying on the same coast line.

"I am happy to be here in the Foreign Ministry with Mr. Klosi and the Croatian Government, which has contributed with financial resources to help Albanian authorities prepare for the management of pollution from sea accidents," said Brian Williams.

The project funded by the Croatian government and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme aims to create a common network for preventing and reducing the risks of pollution in the marine environment, as well as for emergency management. 

/Ora News.tv/