The budget for the Ministry of Justice for 2019 is forecast at 12.4 billion lekë, representing an increase of 17% when compared to last year.

But in spite of this, the department, through the deputy minister Toni Gogu, demanded additional money for the salaries of prison officers, stating the fund of 177 million lekë is insufficient for the 3559 wardens.

“Our prison police officers need to have a financial reward worthy of the task they perform. We need to address the overcrowding we have through investments, as well as to ensure we can treat convicts with dignity,” said Toni Gogu.

In response to the request by the Ministry of Justice, the Socialist Party MP Bashkim Fino said that next year there will be an extra budget for justice. Meanwhile, another Socialist Party MP, Spartak Braho, expressed concern about security in prisons.

“In the context of wage growth, the prison police will also have a wage increase for 2019,” said Bashkim Fino.

“We do not have the security in prisons at the required level,” said Spartak Braho.

216 million lekë has been allocated for compensation of property, despite the fact that after the Strasbourg decisions the expropriation bill will be much higher.

Although other institutions continued to report to the commission, the meeting resumed without the presence of cameras. This was due to accusations by the Chair of The Law Commission, Ulsi Manja, that the media were filming the screens of MPs phones.