The Italian Anti-Mafia Prosecution and the General Prosecution of the Republic of Italy have asked the Italian Court to terminate the investigations into Saimir Tahiri, as they have concluded there is no involvement in any illegal activity.

In announcing the Italian court decision, Tahiri expressed his determination to see his truth to the end and prove that he has no connection with his 8th cousin, Habilaj or the drug trafficking he is implicated in.

“The second battle is now with the Albanian Prosecution, which despite investigating materials from Italy, despite prolonging the investigation at least 4 times waiting for letters from Italy, still needs to investigate the truth,” appealed Saimir Tahiri. 

“If 7 prosecutors are not enough, unite 70 of them! Just finish the investigation and tell the truth, just as the Italian anti-mafia prosecutor and the court did there,” continued Tahiri.

Tahiri also had a message for all those who, in his most difficult times, showed who they were.

“I will never forget who stood by me in this difficult situation, those who went away in this difficult situation, and above all, who created this difficult situation.

“I will continue to look forward with patience and faith in my truth. Because I am not Lul Basha, an ordinary criminal who stole and killed with Sali Berisha, yet were they investigated, nor judged, nor condemned.

“I'm different. I have not spent one day of my life like them.

“I did not hide from justice even for a day, nor did I hide behind politics, parliament, my mandate or power.

“I resigned from everything to expect justice, just as any citizen of this country.

“Everything that has happened gives me more reason today to believe in everything I did when I served as Interior Minister of the Republic of Albania, with an excellent team in the Ministry and colleagues full of confidence in parliament and government.

“I'm proud of every day I spent in my job and I fully say "The Police We Want," with men and women, boys and girls who finally became proud of serving in the State Police.

“I am the Saimir Tahiri that I have always been, and I will continue to be the same, with the same force to fight for the truth and that which is right.

“Today I am the same. I want more people than power. I want more right than intrigue.

“Italy's Anti-mafia Prosecution and the Italian court did not play politically, but conducted a real investigation on which they have said their last word.

“Today I have no words to explain properly what it means to be free after you have won such important battles in your life.

“And for this I have to thank anyone who has believed in me and even those who have ever been suspect of me.

“Truth separates and unites us again, but only the truth,” concluded Saimir Tahiri.