More schools offering collective classes in the Lushnja District will not be opening their doors for the new 2018-2019 school year because of the low number of students, a result of mass migration and domestic movement.

The closures do not only affect deep, mountainous areas, but also some schools in the peripheries of Lushnja.

Director of Education, Brunilda Dhamo, says that students will be accommodated in the nearest schools with transport guaranteed.

"In Lushnja there are currently about 31 subordinate schools in which they teach children with collective classes.

"In about 20 subordinate schools, 30 collective classes will be closed, where they teach children of different age groups. Instead they will be sent to the nearest schools where the teaching is done in normal classrooms," said Brunilda Dhamo.

The 9 year school of Zgjana will host this new school year the students of Balaj, Skilaj and Murriz.

"Last year, the Murriz subordinate school had 8 pupils while in Balaj of Skilaj there were 4 pupils with collective classes and only 1 teacher for each school," explained Brunilda Dhamo.

Meanwhile in Kukës, there are 13 schools with collective classes that are also at risk of closure.

The most vulnerable are those in villages, where the number of students is smaller and the schools in poor physical condition.

But the centralization of schools is not welcomed by the students' parents.

"I do not agree. Why do our children have to leave the village when there is a school is here and we have a teacher? I have three children and I want them to stay here," said one parent.

Faced with this parental claim, the director of the regional education directorate in Kukës, Skënder Ahmetaj, says that the goal is to guarantee a better educational process.

"This is due to decrease in the number of students from the 6th grade to the 9th grade.

"The number in many schools is just 5 to 12 students, which makes it impossible to develop the educational process," said Skënder Ahmetaj.

Following the orders from the Ministry of Education, the District Education Departments have started community meetings to inform them about the closure of schools offering only collective classes.