The Speaker of Parliament, Gramoz Ruçi, has warned 21 independent institutions who report to the Assembly that if they do not achieve the desired results for their work, he will sign their dismissals.

In agreeance with Ruçi, the European Union ambassador, Luigi Soreca, urged the strengthening of the institutions, because of the key role they play in progressing Albania towards integration into the European Union.

“I do not have the time at my age to be ashamed because I have no time to correct it and I have the legal responsibility to say something,” said Gramoz Ruçi.

Soreca supported Ruçi by explaining that independent institutions are key to democratic governance.

“I am here today to express our support to the work of independent institutions, which are the backbone of a democratic state and society.

“The European Union strongly encourages the efforts of Parliament, but also of Government, to improve coordination and accountability in the work of independent institutions,” said Soreca.

He noted that the European Union considers maintaining the balance of power, ensuring a healthy legal system and delivering a responsible public administration as extremely important.

He reconfirmed that they are indeed instrumental for ensuring progress on the key priorities as agreed to by the EU and Albania.

At the Assembly table, Agron Tufa raised concern regarding the debate several days ago with MP Spartak Braho.

Tufa called for disciplinary measures to be taken.

“Our institution has been under pressure from the blackmail of a majority MP. Ms. Braho should be warned,” said Tufa.

“The MP can express his views that disagree with your stance, that is his right,” retorted Socialist Parliamentary Group chair, Taulant Balla.

During the session, several of the institutions demanded more human resources and an increased budget to deliver a stronger performance in regards to their work.