While Prime Minister Edi Rama is expected to announce the new reduced road tariff for Kukës residents, the Democratic Party has warned that it will use all means possible to prevent it.

Democratic Party MP, Enkelejd Alibeaj, said that the head of government should let free and accept that they were wrong to imprison those who are still in jail following the initial protest against the tariff.

"We will not allow any action to be taken, nor should it be, so long as some people that were fighting for their rights are in prison. This will be the attitude of the opposition by all means, in all ways.

"Edi Rama is no longer the one who can set tariffs or reduce tariffs for the Kukës residents or for all Albanians. Edi Rama must resign as soon as possible," said Enkelejd Alibeaj.

The Democratic Party has supported the protests and resistance to the toll for the National Highway, but Deputy Ervin Salianji points out that the DP will be even more active in the case of reduced tariffs.

"We have been close to them but this time we will be even more active and supportive in any protest or reaction to not allow a tariff that weighs on the citizens of Kukës and Kosovo causing economic damage to almost all of Albanians," said Ervin Salianji.

On the other hand, the residents of the Kukës Region have made it clear that they will not accept any tariff for the movement on the Nation's road.

Meanwhile, the concession company continues to rehabilitate almost completely burned payment points during the March 31 protest.

/Ora News.tv/