For the past few months, since the traffic light was destroyed, residents of Neighborhood 13 in Durrës have faced difficulty in passing the Bridge of Shkozet-Plepa.

As a precautionary measure, the Road Directorate have placed concrete blocks, which stop only cars and not pedestrians, who say they are forced to risk their lives attempting to cross to the other side.

In some cases this extreme situation has even resulted in tragedies occurring and, as such, residents have called it the “Road of Death”.

“They should put a sign up here and call it the Road of Death. Every day, people here are being rescued - children, middle aged people and elderly people,” said one citizen.

Therefore, they require the repair of traffic lights, the removal of the concrete blocks and the construction of an overpass.

“There must be an overpass here, given that people are dying every day,” said one citizen.

Arapaj residents have warned of their intention to escalate protests if the Ministry of Infrastructure does not take their demands into account.