At a time when justice reform is advancing with Vetting, it seems like finding a prosecutor or judge that has not been corrupted is almost impossible!

But, the Tirana prosecutor, Elisabeta Imeraj, has called on law students to do this, while she said the prosecutors have opportunities to do good things for people. She reiterated their primary duty remains the investigation of all penal offenses.

“Because of the territory it covers, the Tirana District Prosecution is in daily contact with different layers of our society.

“There are over 70 prosecutors who are struggling, and attempting, despite all the burden they have, to listen, to look for what they need and to carry out their main function, which is the investigation of all penal offenses.

“We are together to say that the generation that works today, the generation that is about to emerge tomorrow and the generation that will be the future of the justice system, are unified in their purpose.

“I am convinced that each of you who have entered the path to study such an important and delightful field as that of justice, have a goal.

“I invite you all to become prosecutors.

“It is a good, noble job and at the end of the day it helps in enabling us to live here and for our children to grow up in Albania,” said prosecutor Imeraj.

A representative of OPDAT said justice reform is a bargain with the US, meanwhile people in Albania are disappointed that the criminals remain on the streets.

The representative stressed that work is now focused on building Special Anticorruption Prosecution to fight organized crime and corruption. Another point raised was to strengthen the High Council of Prosecution and the High Judicial Council.