The Acting Prosecutor General, Arta Marku has decided to dismiss one District Head Prosecutor and reallocated a further three.

Dritan Gina was released from his duty, with Ardjan Nezha taking over as the Head Prosecutor in the Elbasan District.

Pali Deçolli's term as District Head of Fier was interrupted, as he was sent to return to the prosecution office where he has previously served.

Fatmir Lushi is the newly appointed Head of the accusation body in Fier.

Artur Ismailukaj will no longer Head the District of Kukës, instead also returning to the district where he has previously served. In his place, Alketa Nushi was appointed.

The only individual who expressed discontentment over the decisikns was the Head of Elbasan Prosecution Office, Dritan Gina.

He was also the only who was not reallocated to another role, instead being outrightly dismissed.

He reacted by emphasizing that he does not accept the decision.

"I refuse to abandon my post as Head of Elbasan's Prosecution Office" said Dritan Gina.

Speaking to the media, Gina did not hold back, even making charges against the Chief Prosecutor, Marku.

"My dismissal comes down to political reasons. We will not allow our work to be influenced by political favors." said Dritan Gina.

The reform started at the end of December, when Rovena Gashi was dismissed from the Directorate of Foreign Relations and the Head of Decriminalization. Arqile Koca was appointed as her replacement.

In Tirana, Prosecutor Petrit Fusha was dismissed and in his place Dritan Rreshka appointed.