Lulzim Basha attended the Balkan Conference that organizes the Women's Democratic League in cooperation with the European People's Party Women's Forum that is taking place in Tirana.

The head of the Democratic Party commented on the situation created in the prosecution body, while Basha accused the Chief Prosecutor Arta Marku of leaving important cases without prosecutors.

"As we have warned, Arta Marku's role is to destroy key investigations into politicians associated with crime and bandit-related politics.

"Crime has taken control of our cities because it has the blessing of the Interior Minister.

"Public money ends up in bank accounts of corrupt politicians and criminals associated with them through tenders and Private-Public Partnerships that, in most cases, end up in the hands of people with horrendous criminal precedents," said Lulzim Basha.

DP Chair Basha denounced once again the Assembly's approval of two laws, the one on gambling tax and the construction of the New National Theater.

According to the Democratic leader, these two laws legitimize money laundering through gambling and construction.

"Let us call on those speaking on behalf of Europe not to deceive us anymore, not to speak with potatoes in the mouth, but to make it clear. 

"Europe does not tolerate crime-related politicians and countries governed by politicians linked to crime, and as such our country will not move forward on the path to integration," said Lulzim Basha.

Meanwhile, the President of the European People's Party for Women, Doris Pack, attentive to the developments in our country, gave this statement:

"The chief prosecutor is throwing out prosecutors who intend to face dangerous criminals in court and instead assigns them to other duties.

"This is a symbol showing actions for not respecting justice and escaping court appearances. Of course, this is something that cannot be accepted," said Doris Pack.

Meanwhile, EPP Foreign Relations Secretary, Patrick Voller, spoke about policy decriminalization, stressing that this is a key process for Albania and the adopted laws must be implemented.