The first days of 2019 brought snowfall in many of the country's cities and together with the storms, the traffic problems in many of the country's road axes have reappeared.

The Albanian Road Authority announces that in all the main axes of the snow-covered country all necessary measures have been taken by contractors and maintenance companies.

Salt treatment and snow removal have been done. In Dardhë, Voskopojë, Bigell Gorrice and in Qafa e Qarrit, it is recommended to use chains due to the presence of frost in the street, as the temperatures are very low.

In Qafë Thanë - Kapshticë there was little rainfall. The Albanian Road Authority reports that the cleaning is done and the circulation is carried out without chains.

In the end segment of 20 km of the Cerenec Bridge- Steblevë Bridge it is recommended to use chains, due to frosts on the road.

In the Lunik-Steblevë segment it is recommended to use chains due to the presence of frost on the road.

Contractors are working on all axes for cleaning and dissolving snow and ice. There was no snow precipitation on the Qafë Llogara and Qafë Muzina road.

The contractor has been distributing salt since the early hours of the morning and the circulation has continued without problems.

The Albanian Road Authority, ARRSH has recommended for road users to take care when moving in the axes where there is an icy presence and to observe road signs.